Who is Joshua Matthew Preston?

Joshua Matthew Preston is a British entrepreneur renowned for his adept navigation of both the digital realm and the travel landscape. With a notable presence on YouTube, Joshua’s endeavours extend beyond content creation as he spearheads Prez Digital, a prominent web design and digital marketing agency formely headquartered in his hometown and now pioneering in his new location of Lincoln, UK.

Since initiating his online journey in 2016, Joshua has cultivated a penchant for traversing uncharted territories and sharing his discoveries with a global audience. His blog serves as a repository for insightful reflections and travel chronicles, reflecting his commitment to providing valuable content.

Beyond his travel narratives, Joshua’s diverse interests span an array of subjects including theme parks, technological innovations, culinary delights, and practical insights for enriching travel experiences. As a multifaceted digital influencer, Joshua invites readers to engage with his curated content, promising enriching and informative discourse.

Topics Covered

Joshua chooses to mainly write about his travel experiences but theres so many topics that you can fit into this main genre. Here is just a few things you can expect to find:

  • Travel
  • Theme Parks
  • Lifestyle
  • Tech
  • Food & Drink
  • Reviews
  • Days Out
  • Excursions
  • Tips & Tricks